Welcome to my portfolio! my name is Eric Villanueva and I am a 21 -year-old hobbyist photographer. I started my journey with photography 7 years ago with a Minolta film camera which I used to capture still life photography, but as of now I use a Nikon D750 digital camera and pursue street photography whenever I have time between work and family. 

My upcoming endeavors are to explore architectural, landscape, and portrait photography. As I stated earlier I am a hobbyist and prefer to keep my craft and all it's elements from concept to composition away from the complications of business even if that means sacrificing monetary compensation. I always try to remind myself that passion so often suffers when attached to money so I'll rather attach this passion to my own blood and sweat; then I can give it all I have to give.

Instagram: @eravilla

Contact: villanueva.eric01@gmail.com